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"Double Secret Probation" King Con Dental Records Get past the innuendo-laden song titles (some of which we can't print here) and the "loser-in-love" lyrics on this CD, and you'll find a cheeky, charming bunch that might rightly claim an indirect kinship to San Diego's own beloved party animals, the Beat Farmers.

King Con wears its pull-my-finger, frat-boy work ethic proudly on its snot-nosed sleeve. And singer "King" Con, guitarist Leathan Lund, bassist Billy Patten, and drummer T.M Burr boast a collective talent for onstage drinking that would likely make even the late Country Dick Montana and Co. blush with pride.

So when they sing about vicious hangovers, regrettable one-night stands, and fuitless dates (and the endless post-adolescent quest for female attention that can lead to all of the above) on tracks like "Sunday Mornin'," "Beauty's Just a Lightswitch Away," "Most Guys Are Lame," and "Big Bad Wolf,' you realize they know just what they're talkin' about, even if they won't remember most of it the next morning.

And even though they never quite rise to the musical level of those infamous Beat Farmers of ours, the sweaty mix of psychedelic boogie, greasy blues, ripping rockabilly, and straight-up rock they use to get their goofy message across will have you tappin' your toes and grinnin' from beer to beer. John Colling