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The North County Times - San Diego
Imagine an unholy blend of George Thorogood, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Buffett, any of your goofballs from "Animal House" along with several cases of your favorite brew and that about sums up what outrageous Los Angeles quartet King Con is all about.

Never one to shirk from an issue that is un-politacally correct, these crazed maniacs - lead singer/guitarist King Con, lead guitarist Lealund, bassist Billy Patten and drummer T.M. Burr - tore it up before a packed house in the normally staid Marina.

Their hour-long set features song titles like "Dirty Whore", "Crack A Brew", "Beauty's Just a Lightswitch Away", and the immortal "Too Drunk to Fuck." Frat Rock at it's highest...or lowest... level. Either way, the crowd loved it.

It's obvious the boys don't take their topics too seriously - how could they? - and all they care about is playing music and having a good time. Everybody in the house drank, danced and sang along so the boys certainly accomplished what they set out to do.

Far from a novelty act however, King con rocks like mad and the quality of musicianship is high. Lealund provided some heat with massive, chunky Chuck berry-inspired riffs, the rhythm section was not only tight but drove this clown car along at high speed and King Con proved to be an engaging frontman. His alcohol-fueled repartee with the audience was a hit and he even called up two lovely young ladies from the audience to sing on the chours to "Too Drunk to Fuck."

Most of the set's tunes were taken from the band's debut CD on Dental Records, "Double Secret Probation," yet another nod to their Animal House roots. In fact, if John Belushi were still around he'd probably swap a few harmonica licks with King Con who blows a pretty mean harp all by his lonesome. But they also chipped in with a few new originals including "Ode to Cider," which is perhaps the only song ever written in praise of alcoholic cider. Of added hilarity was the mid-show wrestling match between the band's gorilla mascot, Cornelius, and a masked challenger; the monkey kicked ass. Oh behave!

John Lappen