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....Drink More,...Think Less....
King Con
aka. J.L. Loond

King con's infatuation with music started early and moved quickly. At 2 he started playing trombone, at 3 he started playing piano, at 7 he started playing guitar, at 8 he started singing and playing harmonica, and by 9:30pm he had his first record deal! He was encouraged by the words from his grandmother, who was so moved when King Con played her his first recording she could only muster up a two word review...."What's Boiling?"

From there he was off to the races. Nothing could hold this young firebrand down. He practiced night and day and was finally so agile and nimble on the guitar that he was able to perform the minute waltz in :59 seconds. Today he is riding a wave that is unstoppable. Possesing exceptional talent as both an accomplished musician/songwriter and jackass. Check out the cd. A listen's worth a thousand words.