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....Drink More,...Think Less....
Leathan Lund
aka. Lee Kwan
aka. Sir Osis of Liver

An atypical member of the King Con family, Sir Osis prefers a bluesy look (dark tux jacket and classic fedora) to the Hawaiian shirt-beach boozer uniform favored by the rest of the band, probably because, alas, he spends most of his time in Northridge creating websites (like this one) instead of on Venice beach drinking cider. No wonder he has the blues.

In spite of his nickname, he is the least dedicated drinker in the band (which is a little like saying he's the most-celibate in a group of gigolos ). Sir Osis is a dedicated blues enthusiast and does his best to uphold the King con blues legacy - usually by stealing riffs from Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B.King and Jimi Hendrix.