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....Drink More,...Think Less....

When Cornelius was born in 1960 in the jungles of Africa, there was no way for him to conceive that he would be the mascot for a rock band in the U.S. Cornelius' troubles started early: at the age of two he was captured by an insane prophet, who was rounding up animals for a modern day Noah's Ark. In time it became obvious that there was no apocalypse coming and the animals revolted against their captor, winning their freedom. Cornelius, broke and alone, moved to the city and sought out work as a door man/barker at strip clubs in the seedier parts of town.

He began drinking heavily and hanging around in bars. Nearly 30 years later he ran into King Con at the now-famous Big Deans's Muscle-In Cafe in Santa Monica. The two hit it off immediately and Con asked him to join the band. And the rest, as they say, is history.