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The Masked Man

Even today not much is known about the Masked Man. Rumor has it that he is a failed WWF wrestler that was banned by the association and asked never to return. His identity has never been revealed.

Today, penniless, he still is unable to cash checks owed to him because no bank will allow him to open an account under the name: The Masked Man.

Some say he has drifted from psychiatric institution to institution, possessing an extreme disposition for stalking and obsessive behavior.

Others say he is really Bruce Xavier, a San Diego zookeeper who was brutally raped by a disgruntled (though handsome) African gorilla.

Obviously, somewhere along the way he has become infatuated with the King Con band and their mascot Cornelius the gorilla. What is known about him is his bizarre behavior at King Con shows. He often shows up to gigs in disturbing clothing and challenges Cornelius to absurd competitions and embarassments. If you have any information about The Masked Man, or know of his whereabouts, please contact Dental Records at